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Q | How likely are we to get seasick on a cruise?

Would we get seasick on a cruise ship if we get sick going out on smaller boats fishing in the ocean? And if so, what is the best way to treat it so we can enjoy our cruise? - Jill, Oregon

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Colleen Lanin - The Travel Mama By

Ways to avoid seasickness in children and adults

Tweet Just because you get seasick on a small boat doesn’t necessarily mean you will feel woozy on a cruise ship. First of all, cruise ships are very large and therefore big waves don’t have as significant an impact on their passengers as do smaller boats. Secondly, today’s cruise ships are outfitted with state-of-the-art stabilizers to decrease […]

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Linda Kramer - Travels With Children By

Fighting seasickness on a cruise

Tweet My husband and I were very nervous about seasickness when we went our first cruise. We haven’t had a lot of experience on the water, so we didn’t know how it would affect us. You may have heard people say that the ship is so big that you don’t feel any movement.  This isn’t […]

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