Family Travel Question

Q | Should I consent to a vacation with my in-laws or just hit myself in the head with a brick?

I applaud your selflessness and assure you that the trip will absolutely exceed your expectations.

Family Travel Answers

Claudia Laroye - The Travelling Mom By

Multi-generational travel as a fantastic holiday experience

Tweet Avoid the brick; embrace the olive branch. Multi-generation travel with inlaws, grand-parents or other family members can be a fantastic holiday experience, provided you work out some key issues before your trip. The value of your children spending time with grand-parents and relatives far outweighs some painful moments and bumps that may occur along […]

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Amie O’Shaughnessy - Ciao Bambino By

Family vacations with in-laws, how to make trips fun for all

Tweet Vacationing with the in-laws can be fun, I promise. We travel with my in-laws every year and always have a good time. The key is to find a vacation venue and accommodations where there are easy ways to have togetherness as well as separation. Picking a group family vacation venue is part art and […]

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Jennifer Miner - The Vacation Gals By

Multigenerational vacations can be fun for all

Tweet Ah, the multigenerational family vacation! Not many types of travel concepts can provoke the diverse reactions as this kind; “hey, what do you think of my mom and dad coming along too?”  Let’s face it, traveling with our in-laws can be tense – but it’s not all bad. After all, grandparents (usually) want to […]

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Linda Kramer - Travels With Children By

Make a plan before going away with extended family

Tweet Deciding whether or not to vacation with extended family can be difficult. On the one hand, it’s great that your in-laws want to go on vacation with you; it shows that they like you at least a little bit! On the other hand, spending time with them in close quarters may be more than […]

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Colleen Lanin - The Travel Mama By

The advantage of multi-generation travel

Tweet You’d probably have more fun hanging out with your spouse’s parents in a fun, perhaps tropical locale with a pina colada in hand, right? Traveling with family definitely has its advantages. A multi-generation vacation is a wonderful opportunity for kids to bond with grandma and grandpa. Plus (and here’s the real reason to vacation […]

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Jamie Pearson - Travel Savvy Mom By

Vacationing with grandparents

Tweet I applaud your selflessness and assure you that the trip will absolutely exceed your expectations. I’ve taken half a dozen vacations with grandparents and learned lots of lessons about what works and what doesn’t. Here are some things to consider: Try a short trip first. If you think a week with your parents or […]

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