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Q | Can you recommend any websites with reasonably priced flights to Puerto Rico?

My family is going to Puerto Rico for the Christmas holiday, and it seems like every booking site I visit just gets more and more expensive. Do you recommend any websites with cheap flights? -Rachel, FL

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Amy Whitley - Pit Stops for Kids By

Finding affordable airfare

Tweet Don’t let finding affordable airfare put a damper on your holiday travel planning! The world of airfare websites and fare finders is vast and confusing, and you’re not alone in your quest to find the best, most reliable one. In fact, I’m in the process myself! Two fellow Best Family Travel Advice experts came […]

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Jamie Pearson - Travel Savvy Mom By

You’re going to love

Tweet This is a question we get all the time, and a very good one.  You could easily drive yourself crazy browsing, checking, and comparing for weeks.  Or you could use I never remember quite what Yapta stands for, but I know “your personal travel assistant” is in there somewhere. Basically they track flights […]

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