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Q | Do you have any recommendations for an authentic lodge or cabin experience out west that includes family friendly outdoor activities?

We are interested in going west this summer for a week or so with our two kids (6 and 8 years). We're interested in an authentic, lodge or cabin experience complete with family friendly outdoor activities (i.e. fishing, hiking, swimming, zip lining, gazing at the stars) and good food. Do you have any recommendations? -Brooke, MA

Family Travel Answers

Lynn O'Rourke Hayes - Family Travel By

Arizona makes a great western stop for families

Tweet As a resident of both Arizona and Montana, I am torn as to which state I can most highly recommend for your family trip. Given that my Best Family Travel Advice colleague Amy Whitley has provided some great suggestions for Montana, Wyoming, and Oregon, I will focus on Arizona. Your children will likely be […]

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Amy Whitley - Pit Stops for Kids By

Visit national parks for authentic lodge experience

Tweet I was excited to see your question, because my family and I have a real passion for visiting authentic lodges and cabins in the western U.S. And there’s so many to choose from! This past summer, I was fortunate enough to travel throughout Montana, Wyoming, and Utah, where my family and I stayed in […]

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