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Q | What is the right age to bring a kid to Disney World or Disneyland for the first time?

What is the best age for a child's first foray to the Orlando amusement parks? Is three too young? Any recommended itineraries/parks to start with for a toddler? -Cyndy, NY

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Sue Rodman - Field Trips With Sue By

Best age to take a child to Orlando depends on your family

Tweet The best age to take a child to Disney or any of the Orlando theme parks really depends on you and your child. At three, you’re going more so you can watch the reaction of your child, then for your child’s enjoyment. They’ll have fun, but they’d have fun in a cardboard box too. […]

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Sharlene Earnshaw - Trekaroo By

Disneyland offers something different to every age group

Tweet As a resident of Orange County and frequent visitor to Disneyland, I am often asked what age is the right age to start bringing kids to Disneyland.  I think that answer depends on the personality of the child and the expectations parents have for the trip.  My best friend recently took her one-year-old to […]

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There’s lots of fun for toddlers at Disney World

Tweet We’re thrilled this week to have Kim Wright Wiley answering questions here at Best Family Travel advice. Kim literally wrote the book on going to Walt Disney World with kids. A travel writer who specializes in family vacations, Kim has had  articles appear in Redbook,Family Fun, Disney Magazine, Travel and Leisure, and Parade.  She […]

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Sue Rodman - Field Trips With Sue By

The right age for a Disney trip is any age

Tweet There is magic at every age at Disney World. Our oldest was six months the first time he went. It was fun to watch him look at all the lights and my middle son loved crawling all over the play spaces at the Magic Kingdom before he could walk. I have some incredibly adorable […]

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Debbie Dubrow - Delicious Baby By

Right age for Disneyland? It depends why you’re going

Tweet If you are taking your child to Disneyland because you enjoy the park and want to experience it with a young child, than there is no reason to wait.  However, if you want to wait until your child is able to ride on the rides and enjoy the entertainment, and have enough stamina to […]

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Anne Taylor Hartzell - Hip Travel Mama By

Disneyland is for kids of all ages

Tweet Each year, my husband and I treat our kids to an annual pilgrimage to Disneyland, just a short flight from our hometown of Seattle. We loved Disneyland before we had kids and having our children helped us experience the magic of Disney through the eyes of our children. But when I talk with other […]

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