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Q | Any ideas of areas to see in Europe that are less touristy?

My husband and I have traveled through most of the "high traffic" European countries and sites, but would love to explore more of the less touristy areas with the kids. Any ideas? - Robbie, CA

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Jessie Voigts - Wandering Educators By

Ireland and Scotland offer less touristy European experiences

Tweet Do your research: what do you want to explore? Are you going on a food vacation? Want to do adventure activities? Interested in history? Think of what you love and want to learn most, and then plan from there. Each country has so much to offer–the world is your oyster! In terms of specific […]

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Amie O’Shaughnessy - Ciao Bambino By

Less touristy family holidays in Europe

Tweet Good idea! The less touristy areas are easier to explore in some ways because you don’t have to fight crowds and pricing tends to be less.  Note, however, that less touristy also means less tourist infrastructure in English which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just makes travel a bit more challenging. We spent […]

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