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Q | We are finally taking our kids to Europe. What shouldn’t we miss?

When you plan to take the kids to Europe, remember to consider how much time you have, the ages of your children, and what their interests are.

Family Travel Answers

Debbie Dubrow - Delicious Baby By

Don’t miss Paris with kids

Tweet Paris ranks high on most adult’s European wish lists, but did you know that it is also a wonderful destination for kids?  True, your kids might not be excited about the Louvre’s art, but have them check out the Medieval Fortress footings in the basement.  As a reward for putting up with the sculpture […]

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Amie O’Shaughnessy - Ciao Bambino By

Traveling to Europe with kids: Italy!

Tweet Congratulations, traveling to Europe with kids is an amazing experience.  The list of fun things to do in Europe is endless. That said, I like simple itineraries with minimal accommodation changes for families; this reduces the stress and work involved in packing and check-in and out logistics.  Moreover, this approach provides a more authentic […]

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Jennifer Miner - The Vacation Gals By

Visiting Europe with kids? Try a hands-on approach

Tweet Wow, where to begin? Without knowing details like the ages of your children or the countries you’re considering, let me first say that for most kids, new places are best traveled in experientially. That is, toddlers and most older kids—even some teens I know—aren’t going to have the patience or interest to spend a […]

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Jamie Pearson - Travel Savvy Mom By

How to travel with kids in Europe

Tweet I know the temptation to try to see and do it all is great, but try to resist it.  You don’t mention your kids’ ages, but it’s a rare child who can to more than three consecutive days of fast-paced sightseeing without experiencing a sense of humor failure. In my opinion, there’s no such […]

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