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Jessie Voigts - Wandering Educators By

Surfing in Ireland and Scotland

Tweet I am so excited for your upcoming journey! Ireland and Scotland are my two favorite countries in Europe, and both are very friendly for families. Ireland: There are plenty of resources on surfing in Ireland, including: and the Irish Surfing Association By the way, in the movie Step into Liquid, the […]

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Karina Baigrie - Four Dots on the Map By

Planning a family vacation to multiple destinations in Europe with young kids

Tweet What fabulous countries you have chosen to visit in Europe! All are high on my list of places when I was planning our round-the-world adventure. You haven’t indicated how much time you have, but when you say ‘next summer’ I am assuming you have 2-3 months in which to cover all these places.  From my experience, you […]

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