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Q | Any tips for navigating airport security with a two-year-old?

I am planning on flying with a very active two-year-old next spring. Do you have any helpful tips or information about navigating through security with the new full-body scans? -Sarah, DE

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Corinne McDermott - Have Baby Will Travel By

Clearing airport security with babies and toddlers

Tweet Clearing security isn’t fun at the best of times but when you have an active toddler in tow, it’s tough to keep track of your belongings and your kid. The new full body scanners add extra stress to an already less-than-ideal travel experience. Try to give yourself lots of time, there is nothing worse […]

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Hilarye Fuller - Dotting the Map By

Tips for navigating airport security with toddlers

Tweet Navigating through security can be one of the most stressful aspects of flying with young children. Having to basically unpack and repack your bag, pull out all liquids, and undressing you and your child, can be a bit much. But you have nothing to worry about. Even if you are traveling by yourself people […]

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