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Q | When flying alone with a toddler, what are the best ways to keep busy?

I am flying alone to Florida from New York with my 19-month-old. What are the best ways to keep him busy? Also, what are some snack ideas and how can I keep yogurt, cheese, etc. cold for the flight? -Cori, NY

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Colleen Lanin - The Travel Mama By

Flying with toddlers CAN be fun!

Tweet I love that you asked about travel snacks to feed your son when flying because one of the best ways to keep  a toddler happy in the sky is to keep little hands and mouths busy with food! I like to start with healthy stuff and gradually work my way up to a few hidden “forbidden” snacks […]

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Amie O’Shaughnessy - Ciao Bambino By

Airplane activities for toddlers

Tweet Although my son is seven now, he was a very active toddler who never slept on planes.  I distinctly remember feeling terrified about flights for any length of time, particularly without a second pair of hands to help. A strategy that involves time-consuming snacks, new activities, and a well-placed nap (fingers crossed) will keep your […]

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