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Q | Do you have any advice for flying with immunocompromised children?

I will be traveling this week with my two granddaughters for medical treatment. One of the girls has cerebral palsy and both have compromised immune systems. Their treatment can be compromised contracting a simple cold. In addition to wiping down the seats and trying to keep hands clean with sanitizer, what advice might you have in helping the airline and security understand our needs and minimize the risk of infection for the girls? Many thanks. -Elizabeth

Family Travel Answers


Be your special needs child’s advocate during air travel

In today’s world of poor customer service and inconsistent policies, self-sufficient travel is the best. It may sound harsh, but nobody else outside your friends and family can be safely relied on to help you and your daughters. You can ask the airline to place a note in the reservation, but honestly, the advocacy is up to you.

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