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Q | Do you have any tips for packing light when flying with children?

How can I keep luggage to a minimum when flying with kids? -Leslie, WA

Family Travel Answers

Amy Whitley - Pit Stops for Kids By

Keep luggage at a minimum with organization and consolidation!

Tweet When traveling as a family, doesn’t it feel like you end up packing everything but the kitchen sink? I know I’ve felt this way, and all the recent airline restrictions and fees don’t help, which is why I recently published an article on packing for a family. To keep luggage to a minimum, I […]

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Mara Gorman - The Mother of All Trips By

Traveling with kids? Packing light is the way to go

Tweet Full disclosure: When my kids were little, I made no attempt whatsoever to travel light. They needed so much gear that I simply used it as an excuse to enable my own tendency to travel with full-sized toiletries and multiple pairs of shoes. While I still wouldn’t call myself a light packer, now that […]

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Mary Turner - Travel With Teens and Tweens By

Tips to keep luggage to a minimum when flying with kids

Tweet Flying with kids can be stressful enough without having to keep track of multiple suitcases while navigating through airports.  Add in the fact that most airlines charge exorbitant fees for checked bags and there are plenty of incentives to minimize luggage. We generally manage to travel with a backpack and carry-on for each adult and […]

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