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Q | How can I keep my kids entertained during a long airport layover?

We're flying cross-country next month and have a three-hour layover at a major airport. What can I do to keep my two small children entertained? Alicia, Bel Air, MD

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Debbie Dubrow - Delicious Baby By

What to do on a long layover with kids

Tweet A long layover can sometimes be a blessing with small children in tow as it gives them a chance to “get their wiggles out” before boarding the next flight. As tempting as it might be to break out the DVD player, try to keep the kids active throughout the layover. Here are some ideas: […]

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Michelle Duffy - WanderMom By

Five tips for airport layovers with kids

Tweet Recently, we had a long layover in Newark on our way from Dublin to Seattle. A fellow passenger sitting near us commented on how fabulous it was to see two young children (my boys) quietly sitting reading their books while eating fruit. I think her exact words were something like “It’s so rare to […]

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