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Q | When can I start traveling with my newborn?

When can I start traveling with my newborn? What kinds of things do I need to know before doing so? -Mandy, Rhode Island

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Hilarye Fuller - Dotting the Map By

Taking a trip? Feel free to bring your newborn

Tweet Generally speaking airline policies allow you to bring newborns on when they are ten days old. This policy varies per airline. My sister-in-law is a flight attendant and she never questions mothers about the policy, figuring that if they feel comfortable bringing a baby on a plane that is all that matters. I frequently […]

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Corinne McDermott - Have Baby Will Travel By

Your first flight with baby

Tweet The very first time you fly with your baby you’ll soon realize that getting there is no longer half the fun.  It is a lot of effort to remember everything, but the more organized you are, the less stress you’ll have. With all the delays that happen these days, you need to be prepared.  […]

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Debbie Dubrow - Delicious Baby By

Traveling with a newborn for the first time

Tweet Generally you can travel with your newborn as soon as your pediatrician agrees that he or she is ready. You should also check the policy of the airline you are considering (some airlines have no restrictions, while others would like your baby to be a few weeks old) In addition to your baby’s health, […]

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Michelle Duffy - WanderMom By

Flying with a baby

Tweet My first baby was a preemie. By the time he got out of the NICU – ten days after he was born – I was at our home in California but my husband was at our new home in Seattle (because it’s always a great idea to have a baby and move house and, […]

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