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Q | How do you get kids to sleep in a single hotel room when not everybody is going to bed at the same time?

When we travel with our kids we often share a hotel room. Any tips for getting the kids to sleep without going to bed myself at 7 p.m.?

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Karina Baigrie - Four Dots on the Map By

The secret to getting kids to sleep on the road: Routine

Tweet We try to keep the same routine as we would at home with dinner, quiet activity, bedtime snack then teeth, toilet and story time. The same bedtime for adults and children works well when you have all had a busy day but if you wish to stay up later then we have found small […]

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Amy Whitley - Pit Stops for Kids By

How to get everyone to sleep in a single hotel room (and other magic tricks)

Tweet Part sleight of hand, part downright deception, the art of getting kids to sleep in a hotel room when you and/or your spouse plan to turn in at a later hour takes practice and skill. You too, however, can perform this magic trick if you play your cards right. Ok, enough bad idioms! In […]

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Linda Kramer - Travels With Children By

Sharing a hotel room with kids – and getting some sleep

Tweet There are a number of ways we’ve handled this. If it’s not possible to get a suite with a door separating the rooms, the simplest thing for us has been to go to bed when the kids do. Sometimes, like when we were at the Best Western Ramkota in Bismarck, North Dakota, I’ll stay […]

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