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Q | What makes a hotel toddler-friendly?

What should I look for when I'm booking a hotel for my family? I have a one-year-old and a three-year-old.

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Corinne McDermott - Have Baby Will Travel By

Accommodation tips for traveling with toddlers

Tweet In choosing accommodation when you’re traveling with a toddler, you need to satisfy two main criteria: safety (theirs) and sanity (yours). With that in mind: Call ahead and try to get a ground-floor room. Balcony railings do not always adhere to the stringent safety codes we (usually) expect, but you would never leave a […]

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Amy Whitley - Pit Stops for Kids By

I have three words for you: space, space, and more space.

Tweet With a toddler in tow, size matters: you’re likely carting along lots of extras…extra clothes, extra diapers, extra food, and extra equipment, and a standard-sized hotel room just won’t cut it. Look for resorts that offer suites or ’family suites’ with dividers between rooms.Resorts with room configurations like The Great Wolf Lodge are a […]

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