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Q | What are some "must do's" in Ireland and Scotland?

My son and I are travelling to Ireland and Scotland from Sept. 6-15 (mostly Ireland). What should we do while we are there? -Eric, CAN

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Amie O’Shaughnessy - Ciao Bambino By

Things to do in Ireland with kids

Tweet If you’re planning on spending most of your time in Ireland, it’s a tremendous place to take a road trip: the scenery is stunning and there’s a long list of active things to do along the way. A perfect match for a father and son vacation! An American mom living in Ireland gave us […]

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Karina Baigrie - Four Dots on the Map By

Scotland and Ireland for kids and their parents

Tweet Great question Eric and one I can answer easily as I sit in a cabin in Scotland to write this. My family and I have just finished touring the northern half of Ireland over eight days and are now in Scotland for 12 days. In fact, you can view our travels on our site […]

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Jessie Voigts - Wandering Educators By

Family travel to Ireland and Scotland

Tweet How exciting! Our family Loves Ireland and Scotland. Of course, what you choose to do depends on your interests, the age of your son, and where you’ll be. Here are some ideas for traveling in Ireland and Scotland. Ireland Ah, Ireland. It’s so green – and yes, it rains every day. Be sure to […]

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