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Q | Where would I find a list of I-40 rest stops?

Where would I find a list of I-40 rest stops? -Lowell, AZ

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Amy Whitley - Pit Stops for Kids By

Family travel resources for road trip stops

Tweet Without knowing exactly what stretch of I-40 you plan to travel, I can’t give specific advice, but hopefully a perusal of my site, Pit Stops for Kids, will help. I created Pit Stops for Kids with precisely your question in mind: while traveling an unfamiliar section of I-5 when my kids were younger, I […]

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Linda Kramer - Travels With Children By

Find rest stops and more at The Next Exit

Tweet Although our family prefers to take the back roads when traveling, there are times when it’s necessary to drive the interstate highways on a road trip. When we take the back roads, I have a bunch of off-the-beaten-path guidebooks I use to plan our stops. When we take the Interstates, I use The Next […]

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