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Q | What destinations would you recommend for a family vacation?

What destinations would you recommend for a family vacation? -Colleen, DE

A | Go (or stay) where you’ll find your happy place

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Family Fun in SFAny kind of “best” destinations recommendations list is always a tricky situation.

What’s best for my family isn’t necessarily going to knock yours off its feet. That said, there are a couple of spots that my kids have really loved over the years and a couple I’ve loved for all of us. I wrote about five of my top U.S. family vacation spots recently and stand by them. Another place I thought was incredible with and for my kids? Italy. In particular, we loved Sienna where we found Italians who were friendly, helpful and kid-loving.

If you’re trying to figure out which spot will be the best vacation for your family, I’d suggest starting with a list of things you want to get out of the destination. Do you want hot or cold? Beach bum days or active vacations? Is your family a group of city slickers or nature dwellers? Once you’ve pieced a list together, it may provide you with the right keywords you’ll need to start googling your vacation. Plug them in and see what pops up and be open to the fact that the destination alone won’t dictate how great your vacation will be; the attitude you choose to have while you’re there makes a difference, too. Be open to trying new things and you may find a destination you thought was boring can actually open up. (Spoken from personal experience!)

And if after filling out your list, it sounds a lot like home, consider whether what you really need is some time together exploring the place you know best.

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