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Q | What meals can I make in a hotel kitchen?

What are some easy-to-prepare meals I could make with the items found in a typical hotel-room kitchen? -Sara, MD

A | Make simple meals for kids in your hotel room

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Farmers market off the PA turnpikeWhen kids are little and you’re on the road, it can be tricky to do lots of restaurant meals, especially if you’re traveling with toddlers who don’t want to sit still for five minutes. My kids have always been super early risers, especially on the road, so we always bring cereal and other snacks with us even if the hotel we’re staying at offers breakfast. The boys enjoy having a breakfast at sunrise in our room and then have “second breakfast” later.

If you’ve rented a room with a more substantial kitchen, you’re likely to haveĀ  a stove, a toaster, and a pan to boil water in. That means pretty much any pasta dish is available to you, from spaghetti with grated parmesan and salt and pepper to noodles with jarred sauce. And don’t forget the joys of “brinner” – my kids love having oatmeal or scrambled eggs and toast for dinner.

And if all you have access to is a coffeemaker, a microwave, and an iron, remember that you can always make instant oatmeal, heat up cups of canned soup, or even make a grilled cheese sandwich (find some wax paper and that iron can become a panini press).

I also love to check out local farmers markets for picnics when I’m traveling. Pick up some fresh fruits and veggies (which you can wash in the bathroom sink), bread, cheese, and maybe a pastry or two and you’ve got the makings of a great meal for everyone. And word to the wise: No one will judge you if you throw a bottle of wine and a corkscrew into your luggage.

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