Family Travel Question:

Q | Should I consent to a vacation with my in-laws or just hit myself in the head with a brick?

I applaud your selflessness and assure you that the trip will absolutely exceed your expectations.

A | Multi-generational travel as a fantastic holiday experience

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Avoid the brick; embrace the olive branch.

Multi-generation travel with inlaws, grand-parents or other family members can be a fantastic holiday experience, provided you work out some key issues before your trip. The value of your children spending time with grand-parents and relatives far outweighs some painful moments and bumps that may occur along the way. And, the built-in babysitting for that special date-night out at a Paris bistro with your spouse will be well worth it.

There are keys to planning successful multi-generational travel. Planning appropriate trips and destinations that meet all ages and physical needs of your family is very important. It is critical to factor in nap times (for young and old, if appropriate), day-trip scheduling, breaks from each other, and the special desires of each travelling family member. Patience and the ability to compromise before the trip and on the road, are extremely important. Also, know thyself, and thy parents or in-laws. If there are behavior triggers that you know ahead-of-time may be problematic, you should plan on a way to deal with it ahead of time, i.e. remove yourself from the room when they occur. There is no point in blowing up about something when you’ve still got two weeks of a road-trip left with your mother-in-law. Lock yourself in a bathroom and count to ten–it’s a survival skill.

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