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Q | What is the right age to bring a kid to Disney World or Disneyland for the first time?

What is the best age for a child's first foray to the Orlando amusement parks? Is three too young? Any recommended itineraries/parks to start with for a toddler? -Cyndy, NY

A | Right age for Disneyland? It depends why you’re going

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Kids with Belle at DisneylandIf you are taking your child to Disneyland because you enjoy the park and want to experience it with a young child, than there is no reason to wait.  However, if you want to wait until your child is able to ride on the rides and enjoy the entertainment, and have enough stamina to last for more than a few hours, I would wait until age three or four.

With very young kids, you might consider reserving a nearby hotel so that you can retreat to the room at nap time and then return to the park later in the afternoon.  If your child is able to nap in a stroller, you might want to bring one along or rent one at the park (note that you won’t be able to bring a rental outside the park gates, whether it has a sleeping child in it or not)

Finally, consider extending your vacation so that you have time to see some of the area surrounding the park.  It’s beautiful, and there’s tons to do.

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