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Q | What mobile phone is recommended for traveling to Denmark and Switzerland?

What mobile phone is recommended for traveling to Denmark and Switzerland? -Louise, US

A | Taking your mobile phone to Europe

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Check with your current mobile phone company because it is likely that you will be able to use your current mobile phone regardless of which company it is in these countries. All phone companies want your money so no doubt they will be happy for you to continue using the phone you have at some extra expense.  I don’t know enough about US mobile phone companies to be able to recommend one as the ‘best’ but they will all be quite comparable.  If you can take your US mobile phone to Europe, ensure you have put enough credit on it to cover extra expenses as it can be difficult to add credit to your phone in some countries. If you have a billed phone you will be able to check your bill when you return home to make sure it matches your own call history.

We have traveled to Hong Kong with our Australian mobile phone and were able to make calls to home without too much extra expense.  We had to set up the mobile to make it compatible for international calls but that was easy to do.  We have traveled through Sweden, Denmark, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and we’re currently in Germany with two basic mobile phones that we purchased in England for just 20 pounds and an 10 pounds of credit for calls. We have free calls between our two phones; only free in the UK.

Every time we drive through a new country we get a text message telling us which phone service we are now connected to and how much calls will cost us.  We only use our phones to call friends in Europe occasionally to set up visits or to call regarding hotels, tours etc if we need to; it is handy to have a mobile for emergencies so you can contact people or they can contact you.  We put 30 pounds of extra credit on each of our phones before we left the UK to ensure we were adequately covered and we knew that it would not be free to call between each others phones in Europe.

We have found email more convenient as we have a netbook computer with us.  Most hotels, hostels and even  campgrounds we have stayed in have wifi; some charge a small fee or only have it available in public areas.  Email is cheaper than phoning and sometimes it is better to have a written record of  bookings etc. Hope this helps you out.

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