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Q | What's the most cost-effective way to travel with mobile devices and computers in Europe?

I will be in Rome for 4 days, Belgium for 4 weeks, and Scotland for 10 days. What do you suggest is the most cost-effective approach for using my iPhone, iPad, and laptop? Barry, Australia

A | Traveling with technology

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We have been traveling the world with one Australian mobile phone, one notebook laptop, and we’ve also purchased an iPad along the way.  We also bought two cheap mobile phones in the United Kingdom.  I would suggest bringing you iPhone so people can call you from Australia.  Look into
international roaming fees with your current phone company.

You may find your iPhone useful for email etc but I would bring your iPad if you intend to research on the Internet; it’s also easier for emailing.  Check if your accommodation offers wifi and if there is an associated cost; many hotels do offer it for free, but it can be quite pricey at places that do charge. Some restaurants and fast food chains also offer free wifi but it can be tricky to connect from your phone.

We bought a mobile dongle when we were in the United Kingdom for a month.  Sometimes it worked beautifully and other times I would have liked to have thrown it out the car window but overall it was a good purchase.  Just walk into any of the large phone company shop fronts and buy one.  It may be best to buy one in Belgium and use
it for the 4 weeks that you are there; it is very unlikely to work in Scotland.  I am not sure of fees for a dongle in Belgium but if your hotel doesn’t offer free wifi or is charging a ridiculous daily fee then certainly look into it.

If you need a laptop for business etc then consider bringing it but otherwise I would suggest leaving it behind because it will just weigh you down and the iPad should do everything you need it to do.

For more information, check out Four Dots on the Map – we were in Belgium and Scotland during the summer.

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