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Q | Can you give me some tips on planning a month long trip to Europe?

We are planning on taking a month to travel next June with our kids (ages 7 and 5). We would like to do London, Paris, Rome, and places in between! I am overwhelmed on where to begin with planning this and was wondering if you had some tips to get started. Should we see a travel agent or plan it alone? -Kerry, Arizona

A | Traveling with kids for a month in Europe

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Lucky you! A month is a great amount of time to spend in Europe.  That said, I think focus and limiting logistics are key when traveling with kids and those 4 weeks will go quickly when you hope to explore 3 countries.

leaning tower of pisa italy with family

Deciding if a travel agent is right for you depends on how much you like and have time for researching things on your own online.  When we ran a travel planning service on Ciao Bambino, we used to get clients that hired us to help plan their trip, but they really liked doing everything on their own so we were really just a sounding board for ideas—which is fine, but good travel specialists will charge fees for their time so you need to be OK with that.

Trip planning fees vary but usually they are based on the length and complexity of a given itinerary.  One idea is to just hire a travel specialist for the parts of the trip that are the most daunting to plan. For example, you can probably figure out cities fairly easily on your own, but countryside stays take more knowledge and work to ensure you are choosing a destination and accommodations to fit your needs.

We review family-friendly accommodations on Ciao Bambino and Europe is our specialty.  Our Europe family travel page is a good place to start research. You can also browse our family travel blog for tips and advice related to each destination (use Topics Covered on the right for country specific information).

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  2. Lisa Bergren says:

    Oh, I’d highly encourage this mom to pick four countries–sounds like London, England; Paris, France; Rome, Italy are three definites–and find a villa/condo to stay in (maybe just outside the city? most of those have trains in and it will be easier to navigate), one week at a time each. Then they can settle in and take day trips, exploring, and have a “home” to return to. The “mad American dash” when you’re trying to see 12 countries in 30 days is exhausting and not nearly as satisfying. Consider it! What are your “top four”? Amie has awesome suggestions on her site for places to stay; does too.

    I’m jealous–hope it’s a wonderful trip!